Our Mission


We at Paw Poochies are on a mission to help your beloved fur-babies feel safe, warm and have the greatest sleep possible. Cats love hiding and when they find a good hiding spot, they feel safe and more comfortable than being out in open, so that they can snooze in peace and dream about various things. Our Paw Poochies Cat Bed House ensures that it lowers the cat’s anxiety levels and give them a place where they feel safe and secure.


When cats are in the outside, they can feel vulnerable and stressful, and they tend to find hiding spots within the house. Their need for finding a safe spot makes a cat hide under the bed so often and every cat owner knows it’s not a good feeling when your cat hides under the bed most of the time. Our Paw Poochies Cat Bed House aims to solve that problem. With our enclosed shape cat bed,  we provide your cat with a good hiding spot where they can rest and have a nap in peace.


Comfort and security are the main features of the house bed. The ultra comfortable, fur-like material provides the foundation of an incredible bed that relaxes your cat. This allows them to feel safe.

Equipped with a round entrance and cave-like design, this  enclosed cat bed house keeps your little furry cats feel safe and sheltered. A plush ball can put a cat back to sleep, as it is a fun toy that can burn the cat's energy.

At Paw Poochies, we ensure that our customers get their money's worth and receive the best possible quality product in the market which is durable and lasts for years to come.